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Welcome to the Iguazú Falls

Our House was designed to be an space where guests can meet and share experiences in a quiet environment surrounded by over 120 native trees. The house is located in a area called Zone de Granjas, which is the last neighborhood in Iguazú with wide areas and wooded streets, and where it is still possible watch several types of birds, such as Toucans and Parrots.

We are about two kilometres from downtown Iguazu. We started building the house in August, 2010, but before construction began, we took a survey of the trees, in order to determine which were native so that we could preserve them. We received our first guests in April 2011.


Our primary objective is to offer a personalized service, a unique, un-traditional experience of housing and also to share our experiences with the guests, as well as provide the information and help needed to make their stay with us and experience in Iguazu as memorable as possible

Who is the Yaguareté

  • Scientific name : Panthera onca

  • State of conservation in Argentina : In Critical danger

  • International state of conservation (IUCN) : Near threatened

  • Yaguareté is the name in Guaraní, Balám on Maya, Océlotl on Nahuatl​

It is the biggest feline of America and the third of the world, it is one of few species of the Argentine fauna that has been declared like Monumento Natural Nacional by the law Nº25.463 del año 2001. This law establishes that the Administration of National Parks and the Direction of Fauna Silvestre de la Nación must develop and implement a plan that assures its survival in the national territory. In addition it is a Monumento Natural Nacional in Misiones. The latter province was pioneering in recognizing it as such in 1988.

In Argentina the Yaguareté is protected in the Provinces of Salta, Jujuy, Santiago del Estero, Chaco and Misiones.​

Celular : +54 9 3757 55 44 02

Email : casayaguarete@gmail.com

Contacto : Lorena ROMERO

Avenida Posadas y El Dorado, Zona de Granjas 

Puerto Iguazu, Misiones 3370

Provincia de Misiones, ARGENTINA

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