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The history of Puerto Iguazú

Spanish explorer Álvar Núñez Cabeza de Vaca became, in 1542, the first European to discover what are now called Iguazú Falls. He was drawn by the noise of the water, which can be heard at a distance of several kilometers. When the Spanish arrived in the 16th century, the Guaraní people were the principal inhabitants of the area.

Despite its early exploration, the area remained occupied only by the Guaraní Indians until 1880. Corrientes Province, which at that time included what is now Misiones, sold 50 square leagues (13,000 square kilometres (5,000 sq mi)) at the current site of Puerto Iguazú near the falls in 1881. The land changed hands three times in the course of just two years, and ended up as the property of Gregorio Lezama. At that time Misiones separated from Corrientes. Lezama funded a scientific expedition to explore the territory, enlisting Carlos Bosetti and Jordan Hummel for that purpose. Those two explorers later organized the first tourist trip to the falls; Lezama sold the land in 1888 to Martín Errecaborde and Company.

Territorial Governor Rudecindo Roca established Iguazú Department, one of 5 initial subdivisions in Misiones, in 1882. A Justice of the Peace, Alberto Mujica, was assigned to the area in 1897. The firm of Gibaja y Núñez opened the town's first hotel at this time to serve the growing numbers of tourists visiting Iguazú Falls. One of these, Victoria Aguirre, funded the first road into the town in 1901 as well as other civic improvements, and it was in her honor that on September 10, 1902, the settlement was formally established as Puerto Aguirre. A police department (1913), a civil registrar (1916), and a post office (1928) followed.

The Parque Nacional Iguazú was established as such by the national government in 1934, and in 1943 the town was renamed Puerto Iguazú .

The Tancredo Neves Bridge, connecting the city with neighboring Foz do Iguaçu (Brazil), was opened in 1985.  The Falls are composed by 275 jumps, with heights that range between 50 and 80 meters. In 1984 they were declared ''Patrimonio Natural de la Humanidad" by the UNESCO.

The Iguazú Falls and the Movies

Not for nothing in 1986, the movie La Misión played by Jeremy Irons and Robert De Niro, won the Oscar for the best Fotography for the amazing scenes of the Iguazú Falls, with 250 waterfalls the highest with 80 meters.  This park was the location chosen by the director, Roland Joffé, to present the history of the aborigens in the reductions Jesuits during the 18th century. One of the most remembered scene happens when members of the Guarani community, who live in the high part of the Falls, tie a priest in a cross and throw it to the abyss. Now, more than one million tourists, enjoy every year one 7 natural marvels of the world.

Some of the scenes of the movie SEKAI KARA NEKO GA KIETA NARA (if the cats were disappearing of the world), were filmed in Buenos Aires and Iguazú. The filming was realized in Japan, Buenos Aires (La Boca, Caminito, Recoleta and some Tanguerias), in the Iguazú Falls (from the sky of both sides and the Devil Throat only in the Brazilian side), it was released on May 15, 2016 in Japan.

El Camino de San Diego, the action takes place in the jungle of the Argentine North-East. There, in a precarious hut lives Tati Benítez (Ignacio Benítez) with his family. Tati has losen his work in the manufacture. He helps an old sculptor, looking for him trunks, branches and roots that could serve him to his works. In exchange, he obtains a percentage for the sales that he achieves among tourists who visit his village. Like many  argentinians, Tati has an adoration for Diego Armando Maradona. The news is a bomb for Tati, his idole Diego is sick and he is the Clinica Suiza Argentina in Buenos Aires for a cardiac problem.  This is enough for Tati to initiate a long  adventure, to bring to Diego a trunk which has the shape of the body of his idol.  Tati leaves his town with the benediction of his wife, his friends and all the people of his village.



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