Casa Yaguareté Rooms

There are 4 guest rooms on the property. Each room/guesthouse has a wide private bath. Occupancy can range from a single guest, up to four guests. Each room is equipped with air conditioning and heating.  We provide FREE WiFi for all guests, with a strong signal.

All rooms/guesthouses are surrounded by trees around the property with views of the beautiful garden.

The rooms/guesthouses are spread apart for privacy and are independent from the main house, where the owner lives with her pets.

The quincho, the kitchen and the grill, can be used by our guests at any time and are independent from the rooms.

Room 1

Room 2

Room 3

Room 4

Celular : +54 9 3757 55 44 02

Email :

Contacto : Lorena ROMERO

Avenida Posadas y El Dorado, Zona de Granjas 

Puerto Iguazu, Misiones 3370

Provincia de Misiones, ARGENTINA

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